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Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir is an iceland based artist and fashion designer. Ásta´s artworks and designs are often inspired by the ever changing Icelandic nature. Her creations are as rustic and contrasting as the Icelandic storms and eruptions - yet dreamlike at the same time. Ásta´s works evoke a strong bond with nature, bordering on the savage and the mythical. Ásta studied in Germany and has been designing for her own fashion label since the year 2000. For the last 10 years, Ásta has been expressing herself more and more with installations and sculptures. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, symposiums and residencies in Iceland and abroad.


Natural Eruption / Náttúrulegar Hamfarir. Exhibition with Sung Baeg artist from South Korea, during annual festival celebrating the end of volcanic eruption 1973 in Vestmannaeyjar Iceland.

Dreggjar _ remains of a stay Exhibition with Soffía Sæmundsdóttir in Sittart Gallerie Dusseldorf Germany

Body installation witn Butoh master Mushimaru Fuijeda and musician Aya Ogawa and Hallvarður Ásgeirsson Mengi Reykjavík

Solo Exhibition Hrafnaspark Herbergið Kirsuberjatréð Reykjavík


Participation in Art Camp in Gapa island of Jeju South Korea. Performances, Installations etc.

Workshop with children, exploring seaweed as material for “Seaweed creatures and monsters”, in Eyrarbakki Iceland with Linda Ásdísardóttir.

Collaboration with Gio Ju Performance artist from South Korea; Seaweed and history in Eyrarbakki Iceland.

Working with the Butoh master Mushimaru Fujieda from Japan in connection with the exhibition “Ocean Threads” in Eyrarbakki Iceland.

“Marþræðir / Ocean Threads” Solo exhibition in Heritage Museum in Eyrarbakki Iceland.

“With Without” Exhibition during Design March “Thread of Settlement & Design”

“Crossover” 3 day performance with Ragna Fróða during Design March in “Hanging by thread” Korpúlfsstaðir Reykjavík.


"Freedom" "Embrace" Anarchy Art Group exhibition Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival. Scenery, body installations and performances.

"After the rain" .Textile group exhibition "Everyday Matter" Textile museum Boras Sweden.

Participation in "International Open Arts Project" Busan South Korea. Group exhibition and performances. "Wing Wings"  "Natural Force" "Pawing the air"

"Nature including us ..us including nature". Group exhibition, the Textile Guild of Iceland during Design March Reykjavík. Exhibitor and curator.

Participation Green Week fashion show at Copenhagen Business School.


Installation in Marija and Jurgis Slapelius House Museum in Vilnius Lithuania. "Universality" a collaboration with Takuya Komaba.

Installation " Nature force" Flóra Akureyri Iceland.

Installation "Light" in a group exhibition High Tide, with the Textile Guild of Iceland during Design March Reykjavík. Exhibitor and curator.


Kirsuberjatréð Reykjavík Exhibition "Once there was a thread"

Installation in ano ano galerie Tokyo Japan. "Rippling" Sazanami" a collaboration with Takuya Komaba

Edible Fashion  Workshop in  ano ano galerie Tokyo Japan

"My Mothers My Nature" Group exhibition Twist, with the Textile Guild of Iceland during Design March Reykjavík. Exhibitor and curator.

Installation "Tutu" Aurum Reykjavík


Abiko International Open Air Art Exhibition Japan Installation “Fluctuation” collaboration with Takuya Komaba

Installation “Life Cycle” Art Project “Letter from Fukushima” Fukushima Japan              

Installations “Shining” and “On my Path” and performance Busan South Korea 

Art Innature International Art Festival

Installation Copenhagen Denmark

Dress of Tears    Project London England

Group Exhibition “Tölt” Nordic house Reykjavík Iceland

Working as staff during Fresh Winds in Garður International Art Symposium


“Spider Queen”  Exhibition Art Studio Dungeon Tokyo Japan collaboration with Ayumi Tonokura

Abiko International Open Air Art Exhibition Japan Installation “Melting”

Solo Exhibition in Reykjavík Iceland “Sea Créatures” 

Solo Exhibition Installation in Vestmannaeyjar Iceland “Blóðrauður” 

“Tölt”  Group Exhibition Fellshus Berlin Germany

Performance "The knitted hourse"  with Ragna Fróðadóttir

“Earthlings” InstallationArtist Residency Full Bloom Pont du Montvert France

Installation “Eldrauður” Reykjavík Iceland


Installation Cultural Night Copenhagen Denmark

“Dancing to the sound of the trees” Installation View Equinox  International Art Symposium Lithuania 

Fresh Winds  International Art Symposium Iceland Installation

NICE Fashion Summit Fashion competition Opera House Copenhagen Denmark

“Stormfiðri” Installation Reykjavík Iceland  


Installation Cultural Night Copenhagen Denmark

Exhibition “At the Seashore” Akureyri Iceland  collaboration with Mireya Samper

“Randsharf” Design in Island Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt Germany


Fresh Winds International Art Symposium Iceland Installation “Unconsiousness”

Fashion Show Cultural Night Copenhagen Denmark

Design March Reykjavík Iceland


Fashion Show Riga Latvia 


“Icelandic Fashion and Design-Inspired Nature” Fellshus Nordic Embassies Berlin Germany


“Icelandic Fashion”  Group Exhibition National Center for Cultural Heritage Reykjavík Iceland

 “Fashion and Design from Iceland” Group Exhibition Museum of Applied Art Cologne Germany


Cultural Night Copenhagen Denmark Fashion Show


Nomination for “Den Nordiske Design Pris Ginen”  Copenhagen Denmark


Textil Exhibition Carfts and Design Reykjavik Iceland


Designing for own label ásta créative clothes presenting on different Fashion Weeks, 

Paris, Copenhagen and New York attending several Fashion Shows


Starting of own label “ásta créative clothes”

Reykjavik Cultural City Fashion Show

EXPO Hannover Germany design for the icelandic exhibition


Organizing Festival Vestmannaeyjar Iceland


Costum design “Evita” Opera Reykjavík Iceland


Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Stuttgart Germany with major emphasis on performance and  theater 


Graduation from Fachhochschule fur Gestaltung Pforzheim Germany Fashion Design 



Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir

Artist and designer
Skúlagata 32
101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Brand ; ásta créative clothes


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